How we work

An iterative process



Before writing a single line of code it is crucial for us to understand your needs. We usually sit down with you and pick your brains regarding the current status of your project, your clients, possible solutions and next steps. At the end of our first meeting, we'll both have an idea of what is possible and how we can help.



We discuss your project internally and do our research. We define priorities and tasks as we understood them and share them with you so you know exactly where our resources are being invested.


Getting creative

We transform the plan into drafts, wireframes, mockups, workflows and text as the project requires.



We translate the drafts into the digital realm. The point is to create an interactive way for us to discover possible pitfalls and adjust the requirements as soon as possible in the process.


Feedback and refinement

We analyze how people is reacting. Were your assumptions correct? Do you need extra features? We make sure that everything works as expected and make tweaks on the way until everyone is happy.