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Tiny Rhino is a technical product agency that has been at the forefront of innovation for over 7 years. We are proud to have delivered many innovate solutions to a range of clients from a variety of industries, driven by a passion for new and innovative technology.

At Tiny Rhino, we focus on creating solutions that not only address hard problems but also have a positive impact on society. We thrive on tackling challenges in education and developing products that make a difference.

What sets us apart is our commitment to providing complete product solutions for our clients. We don't just offer development services; we also provide guidance on milestones, implementation strategies, and selecting the right platforms and service providers. We understand that success goes beyond coding - it requires a comprehensive approach.

Collaboration is at the core of our work. We partner closely with our clients to understand their goals and challenges, ensuring that our solutions align with their vision. Together, we leverage our technical expertise and strategic guidance to deliver exceptional outcomes.

Throughout our journey, we have had the privilege of working with diverse clients across various industries. From startups to established enterprises, we have consistently delivered products that exceed expectations and drive success.

If you are seeking a technical product agency that not only provides development solutions but also offers comprehensive guidance and a focus on societal impact, look no further than Tiny Rhino. Let's collaborate and create innovative solutions that shape the future.









Our clients

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Our work

Traffic Information screens

Banedanmarks' new traffic information system utilizes modern technologies and practices to display real-time train traffic information in train stations and platforms across Denmark. With an improved layout, reactive animations and a new CMS system, Banedanmark is able to provide a clear and more intuitive experience to travelers.

Banedanmark traffic information platform screens

"Din Station" Website

Din Station (ENG: "Your Station") leverages the technology used by the traffic information screens to display extended, real-time traffic information to travellers at home or on-the-go. Built with React, it shares the features of the information screens in a responsive form for use on desktop and mobile devices.

Banedanmark Din Station timetable website

"Din Station" Android & iOS App

Din Station also comes in App form, which provides GPS functionality to find your nearest station, an interactive wagon view, and S-tog (urban-suburban rail) timetables. Built with React Native, it is easily made available to iOS and Android users.

Banedanmark Din Station timetable application

Arabian Horse Community

A forum where ideas on Arabian horse ownership and breeding across the world from big studs to small breeders can exchange ideas, experiences and knowledge about arabians.

Arabian Horse Community website

Arabian Horse pairing

It features a "pairing" assistant which enables breeders to leverage extensive ancestral data of stallions and mares to provide discovery of progeny with similar lines as the mare.

Arabian Horse Pairing application

Delihood Foodsharing

Explore your neighbor's kitchen! Delihood enables ordinary people to offer food to their neighbors. Search, order, pick up and eat homemade food without having made it yourself.

Delihood food sharing application

Ticketbutler Check-in App

The app allows you to follow ticket sales, check in guests from the guest list and scan the QR tickets through the smartphone camera. Built with React Native it is easily deploy-able to both iOS and Google Play devices and can share Whitelabel features with Ticketbutlers' dashboard web applications.

Ticketbutler check-in application


"Tiny Rhino has always shown great clarity and quality-mindedness when solving problems for Pubfront. They have finished multiple business-critical projects reliably and with excellent communication throughout, handling both architectural and development assignments with equal confidence. We've always felt in safe hands when outsourcing to Tiny Rhino."


"We at Novaheim can proudly say that Tino Rhino has created our website. Tiny Rhino approached the task very professionally and we maintained a good dialogue throughout the whole process. The team at Tiny Rhino was always kind and very good at coming up with multiple solutions to critical aspects, and we never felt obliged to take fast decisions. We would at all times recommend Tiny Rhino."

MARIE-LOUISE READE LOMHOLT Co-Founder & Partner at Novaheim



We have a good experience and a broad toolset working closely with the project owner either if it is a new idea to develop or extending a current product. Therefore, apart from the software development, we can be direct advisor and project manager in your digital journey.


Over the years we have collaborated with quite a few firms and agencies to either extend the team or by sub-contracting on specialised tasks. E.g. has a digital agency needed a partner to implement a CMS with strict specifications on user management and extendability or a software engineering firm has needed a partner to implement visualisation and funneling of real-time data streams.